Bespoke Studs Made from Oval Cut Loose Diamonds at Austin Wholesale Auction

Bid Global International Auctioneers is hosting a series of live auction events that offer investors and jewelry enthusiasts in Texas a distinctive chance to acquire loose diamonds.


Avoid making a beginner mistake of buying your diamonds from a retail outlet, as bespoke diamond jewelry sets the wow factor to an impressive level. Bid Global International Auctioneers offers loose diamonds at wholesale prices, with a vast selection of stones available in various sizes and styles.

Bid Global’s extensive catalog comprises over 340 exquisite diamonds, ranging in size from 1-carat to 17-carat, to suit your unique style and budget. From engagement rings to beautiful stud earrings, the inventory features various diamond cuts, including emerald, round, marquise, cushion, and more.

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Bid Global’s upcoming live auctions are open to private and commercial buyers, and it takes just a few moments to register via the company’s website. All diamonds have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), with additional appraisals from the Accredited Gemological Institute of New York (AGI), so you have 100% confidence in what you’re buying.

The diamonds sold by retail outlets, including those used in bespoke jewelry designs, have usually passed through multiple stages of ownership. This accounts for a considerable percentage of the price you end up paying. Wholesale auctions, such as those from Bid Global, represent an opportunity to purchase loose diamonds at a much lower cost.

Diamonds listed in Bid Global’s upcoming auctions have been sourced from some of the world’s leading diamond cutters, who in turn work directly with major mine operators. The company explains that, as stones have not yet been offered on the open market, you can often purchase diamonds for some of the most competitive rates in the world.

We have approximately 30,000 cut diamonds to auction at all times,” a company representative explained. “The diamonds we offer are cut, sent to GIA, and then directly listed to us for immediate sale, before being submitted to international dealers and wholesaler networks. That helps us to provide a unique experience and exceptional quality for buyers.”

About Bid Global International Auctioneers

Established in 1997, Bid Global is a pioneer in the provision of live online diamond auctions. In addition to Texas, the company’s events are available to clients across the US, as well as internationally. Return buyers have registered from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and as far afield as Singapore and London.

It was my first auction, and I was very nervous about buying a diamond online,” one client recently stated. “I shouldn’t have worried, because Bid Global was wonderful to work with. Everything arrived as anticipated, and I was incredibly impressed with the presentation and attention to detail.”

Discover the exciting world of wholesale diamond auctions, with the unique live events from Bid Global International Auctioneers.

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