Newly Cut Natural Diamonds at Wholesale Prices through Singapore's Online Auction

Bid Global International Auctioneers is the top preference for individuals searching for newly released diamonds, regardless of their location in financial hubs such as Singapore, Sydney, or elsewhere.


Bid Global’s 2023 live auctions are popular among investors and jewelry enthusiasts due to their highly competitive diamond prices.

With an inventory of over 30,000 newly cut natural diamonds, every stone listed for sale by this company has been certified and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). From 1.5 to 16 carats, their latest catalog showcases a diverse range of exquisite and rare diamonds.

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You can view all catalogs and register for an event via the Bid Global website, with both private and commercial buyers welcome. Whether you’re looking for a sound investment or the perfect stone for bespoke jewelry, you’ll find every popular style, including round cut, oval cut, emerald cut, and cushion cut.

Major diamond operations, such as DeBeers, Alrosa, and Rio Tinto, often sell rough stones to a global network of specialist diamond cutters. Once cut, diamonds can be sold to international dealers and wholesalers, before being purchased by retailers and jewelry producers.

The diamonds listed in Bid Global’s upcoming events have been acquired through direct supply agreements with several leading diamond cutters. The company explains that, as stones have not yet been offered through traditional channels, you can purchase diamonds at much more competitive prices.

As mentioned, the wholesale pricing has made Bid Global’s auctions popular among private clients who wish to commission bespoke jewelry. Along with wedding and engagement rings, you can find the ideal diamonds for custom earrings, studs, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets.

About Bid Global International Auctioneers

Founded in 1997, Bid Global has built an industry-wide reputation for expertise and integrity. The company works in conjunction with the GIA, as well as the Accredited Gemological Institute of New York, allowing it to offer full assurances on the quality and authenticity of each item.

A company representative recently stated: “Bid Global has quickly become one of the leading specialists in the auction of diamonds, jewelry and other luxury items, hosting hundreds of auctions per year in major cities throughout the world. Our global customer base consistently keeps our auctions packed with returning clients of distinction.”

Bid Global’s live and online events are the leading choice if you’re in the market for recently cut natural diamonds.

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