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All diamonds are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGI (Accredited Gemological  Institute of New York) graded

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Bid Global International Auctioneers utilizes the services of the GIA – Gemological Institute of America – GLA – Gemological Laboratory of America, the EGL – European Gemological Laboratory, the AGL – American Gem Society Laboratories, and the AGI – Accredited Gemological Institute in evaluating, grading and appraisal of all gemological products to assure our clients of authentic natural diamonds.

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Natural Diamonds Direct From The Mine

Don’t miss your opportunity to acquire exquisite, high-carat natural diamonds at prices that can only be had at auction.

Deep inside our earth they are extracted with special equipment Mining Companies like DeBeers, Alrosa, Canada mark, Rio Tinto for example have mines In South Africa, Canada and Russia, Australia. As rough stones they are sold to a select amount of specialized Companies between 70-80 of them all around the world.

We at Bid Global eliminate that and deal directly with the Diamond cutters that get these rough diamonds from the mines. Purchase from Bid Global to get the best price on your diamond and get a beautiful setting included, you can always upgrade to your dream setting to create your own diamond Jewelry whether it is a ring or a pendant or a bracelet.

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